We are happy to announce that our Senior Suites Assisted Living now accepts potential clients who are enrolled in the
Elderly Waiver Program.

The Elderly Waiver program is available for those who meet specific criteria mentioned below. If you do not qualify for either program, you
will be required to pay privately or through your insurance.

The information below will help educate and guide you through the Elderly Waiver Program.

Elderly Waiver Program helps Seniors Access Programs

What is the Elderly Waiver Program?

The Elderly Waiver (EW) program funds home and community based services for people age 65 and older who are eligible for Medical
Assistance (MA) and require the level of medical care provided in an nursing home/assisted living, but choose to reside in the community.
The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) operates the EW program under a federal waiver to Minnesota's Medicaid State
Plan. Counties administer the program.

What types of services are available?

Covered services include visits by a skilled nurse, home health aide, homemaker, companion, personal care assistant, as well as home-
delivered meals, adult day care, supplies and equipment, home modifications, and certified community residential services (assisted
living, foster care, and residential care).

Who is eligible?

  • Those eligible for the EW program are 65 years or older.
  • Eligible for Medical Assistance and need nursing home level care as determined by the Long-Term Care Consultation process.
  • The EW service cost for an individual cannot be greater that the estimated nursing home cost for that same individual.


The first step to access services is a call to the Ramsey County intake workers at 651-266-3613 for adults.

Over the phone they will discuss...

  • What you think you might want or need
  • What types of services may be available
  • Review eligibility criteria for various options
  • Review the types of supports you may already have in place
  • Then determine together if a home visit to conduct an assessment is of interest.

If interested in applying for services, an application packet for our Home and Community Based programs will be mailed to you.

The assessment, referred to as a
Long Term Care Consultation, is done with a Social Worker or a Public Health Nurse who will come
out and meet with you and anyone you wish to include. At the conclusion of the assessment, recommendations will be made for you to
consider in determining your need for support. The waiver programs listed below each have some very specific eligibility criteria. You may
choose if you meet the criteria, to participate in one of the waiver programs. You could also choose to find alternative ways to meet your

Contact: Home and Community Based Intake at 651-266-3613 for additional information for adults.

Other Resources:

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Department of Public Health: 651-266-2400
Minnesota Senior Linkage Line: 1-800-333-2433
Minnesota Disability Linkage Line: 1-866-333-2466
Minnesota Department of Human Services:
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